Born on July 2, 1982, to New Orleans native parents, Alan is a fourth-generation college graduate and business owner. Alan's parents instilled in him the importance of education, working hard, and helping others. These homespun values paired with his innate sense of optimism, compelled Alan to devote his life to uplifting his community through financial literacy, education, and homeownership opportunities. He is a Christian who stands on the principle “All things are possible to him that believeth” Mark 9:23 #shreveportstrong

Dr. Alan Jackson, Jr currently serves as the Director of Financial Aid & Scholarships at Grambling State University. Dr. Jackson has worked in the financial aid profession since 2008.
He was the former Financial Aid Director for Southern University Shreveport, Wiley,
and Arkansas Baptist College. Dr. Jackson remained active within the Louisiana Associations of
Student Financial Aid Administrators. He has provided numerous training sessions at conferences on a variety of financial aid topics and has been a member, chair, or co-chair of several committees. Dr. Jackson is a licensed realtor who owns JMax Realty. He has sold
over 30 million dollars in real estate since becoming licensed in 2015. He received the 2016
Rookie of the Year Award and the 2017 Top Producer Award.  He is also ranked 43 out of 738 agents in Northwest
Louisiana. Additionally, Alan is the owner of JMAX Credit Repair and Tax Services. JMAX has helped hundreds of
clients improve their credit scores. Alan is a father of three boys and prides himself on being able to mentor hundreds of male youth throughout his career. He believes the best example he can be for his boys is to lead by example. In addition to being an established entrepreneur and
business owner, Dr. Jackson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology as well as a Master of Arts degree in Adult Education from Northwestern State University. He also holds a Doctor of Education degree in Higher Education Administration from Nova Southeastern University.

On The Issues

“All things are possible to him that believeth” Mark 9:23 #shreveportstrong

Every child deserves the opportunity to experience a quality education that meets their unique
needs, and our educators should be prioritized to ensure that better opportunities are created for
each child.

From access to availability of healthcare, medication, and life-saving treatments, our citizens need overall healthy equity that meets their individual needs.

Creating and sustaining diverse, comparable wage jobs for citizens as well as supporting our small
businesses, are critical components to a successful economy and an improved quality of life. Our
rural communities deserve revitalization, superior infrastructure and the opportunity to elevate.

Homeownership and You. Our founding fathers linked the notion of property ownership to
security, a stake in the ground, and general happiness. The same applies today as homeownership
remains the cornerstone of the American Dream – providing families with a sense of emotional
and financial stability and, historically, boosting household wealth through equity and
appreciation overtime.

Homeownership and Your Community. Homeownership plays a vital role in helping to build
strong, stable communities. In addition to it bolstering your community's treasury through taxes,
research shows the many social benefits it provides, including increased volunteerism, improved
health, and less crime.

Creating better opportunities to engage our young people, especially those involved in, or targeted by, the
juvenile justice system will help prevent the school to prison pipeline and reduce violence in our streets.
Our children long for empowerment to determine, reach, and excel in their own personal vision of

"A Stronger Shreveport for your family and mine."
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